Clayton serves clients in a variety of legal matters including Domestic Relations, Criminal Defense, Dependency, and in administrative actions involving Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services.  Clayton frequently travels and regularly appears in courts throughout the State in the representation of his clients.

After graduating with Honors from Western Washington University in 1990, Clayton attended law school at Lewis & Clark College’s Northwestern School of Law in Portland, Oregon.  In 1992, Clayton was granted Rule 9 status and began representing clients in the District Court of Washington in and for Clark County.  In November 1993, Clayton graduated from the Northwestern School of Law and was admitted to practice before the Washington State Bar.

In addition to his service as private counsel for clients, Clayton has also served in a number of public capacities including Prosecuting Attorney for the cities of Battle Ground, La Center, and Ridgefield, Washington and City Attorney for  the City of Ridgefield, Washington between 2007 and 2012, and Judge Pro Tempore for the Clark County Superior Court. Clayton is an active member of the Clark County Bar Association and in the specialty Family Law sections of the Bar

What do people say about Clayton’s work?

“I was referred to Mr. Spencer via a friend and after our initial consultation I knew that his experience would be an invaluable asset in helping me resolve my case. He was forthright and spelled everything out for me, and explained how he could help me and what to expect as far as range of possibilities in my court case as a defendant. I retained Mr. Spencer and he always answered my questions in a very timely, thorough manner. Mr. Spencer was able to resolve my case in circumstances that I was satisfied with. If you are in need of an experienced attorney that will be honest while being an advocate for you, I would highly recommend him.” -Brian P., Vancouver, March 2018 

First of, I want to thank you for your counsel during this grueling process. In our initial meeting you laid out an expectation of how this process would transpire. The process followed that expectation almost exactly. I appreciated the candor then, and appreciate it even more now. I would also agree that the outcome be graded as an “A”, as frankly I did not allow myself to believe that we would have been awarded the lions share if what was asked of the courts. I believed the case was strong and warranted the judgements that have been made but I also believe that your preparation and actions in the courtroom were paramount to the decisions made.” – Patrick O., Vancouver, January 2018 

“You have no idea how much I appreciated the kindness, patience, and above all the love you showed me during the last five months.  I could not have coped through this nightmare without you. Thank you!  I also wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had you in my corner during this ordeal.  It means a lot to me to have had someone (so amazingly talented and competent) who I had complete trust in handling the most difficult event of my life. Once again my most sincere thank you!”   Judith D., Vancouver – June 2017 

“I highly recommend Clayton Spencer an his very professional team! As a former prosecuting attorney Clayton brings a highly valuable set of professional skills to the table. I came to Clayton by way of referral, my personal situation was one that included the need for both criminal and family law representation. On both sides of the coin Clayton offered clear insight and assertive representation. Some attorneys will sit back and string the process out and pad their own pockets, NOT with Spencer & Sundstrom. I was made aware of options, advantages, and draw backs of potential actions and outcomes. My criminal representation lasted 2 weeks, ending in a dismissal. My divorce was finalized in 94 days from filing! To those of your considering representation, do yourself a favor and call these folks first. You will be hard pressed to find ANY attorney in the area to match their level of knowledge, professionalism, or commitment.” – John B., January 2017

“I’m having a reflective and grateful moment and wanted to reach out to you guys to share my thoughts and feelings of gratitude. I realize I was just another client out of hundreds and hundreds for you guys, but you guys are much more than that to me. More than I can really express in words…  In the most fractured place a man could ever be, you all had tremendous empathy, patience and compassion for my highs, lows and every other vastly swinging emotion I experienced through that process.  I am very grateful you guys never “wrote my case off” like other law offices did in my situation…  You guys hung in there, guided and fought, HARD, for me and my child.  

Although words can’t begin to express my gratitude, I want to express a very sincere and heartfelt thank you. I don’t know where my life would be without you guys believing in me. I’m not sure my child will ever truly know how important you all were in giving him a chance to grow up and really have his life meaningfully molded by his daddy, but I know and will forever be in your debt. Thank you all for your expertise, talents, skills and compassionate hearts!”  Chad W. , Vancouver – April, 2017

“Clayton helped me during a custody case that I would have never known my rights at the level he is knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone who needs a family lawyer to hire him. He is very kind and understanding along with being a great lawyer.” – Sarah, Vancouver May 2016

“I had an initial consultation with Mr. Spencer, and circumstances dictated that I did not need to retain his services after all. However, I will say that I came away from the meeting, with a thorough understanding of my case, and the process the courts would take. His demeanor is direct, without being condescending, and I feel he would have been just the advocate I would have needed in a child custody battle. Mr. Spencer didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, or what he thought I wanted to hear, but he told me what I needed to hear. It was this kind of honesty that had me ready to hire him, had I needed to make that decision.” Former Client Consultation, April 2016

“From the moment I hired Clayton, he has been and remains my steadfast advocate. Over the past five years, I have had three (two family and one criminal) cases, in all three courts (District, Superior, and Appellate) requiring his counsel and representation.

Custody, restraining orders, no-contact orders, family support, child support, community property, dividing assets and liabilities, conflict/resolution, motions, hearings… OH MY! Marital dis-entanglement and/or an adversarial divorce (however you put it) can be and IS emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting!

Clayton understands the sacred trust reposed in him, and he earns and keeps that trust with every email, phone call, and face-to-face. He is honest and forthwith, explaining the worst case scenario up front and delivering the best case scenario in the court room (if your case happens to go to trial).

Clayton will represent you and get you the BEST possible outcome –> regardless of your innocence or guilt. He knows his way around the courtroom and commands attention through his legal expertise AND experience, and his fluid communicative style. He has a PHENOMENAL courtroom presense! In fact, I would go to court (even when I wasn’t required to be there) and sit in the back just to watch him in action!

Facing legal challenges and the courts is NO place to be alone, as the outcome of ANY legal proceeding can have a serious impact on you for years to come. I highly recommend discussing your legal needs, issues, and/or questions with Clayton. You will NOT be disappointed!

Hands down, he is the best investment I have made in me – he is my lawyer for life!” – W.C, Vancouver February 2016

“I was in need of a restraining order immediately from a dangerous ex.. his entire office jumped to attention and got it done in 45 minutes. Clayton is platinum quality and you will not find a finer attorney in Vancouver to back you up.” – Former Client, 2013

Call 360.896.7477 to schedule a meeting with Clayton to discuss your case.

Clayton Lee Spencer
1612 Columbia Street Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: (360) 365-1710 URL of Map
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Vancouver, Washington



Areas of Practice

Bar Admissions

Washington, 1993


Lewis and Clark College Northwestern School of Law, May, 1993

Western Washington University, June 1990

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Clark County Bar Association
  • Clark County Family Law Section
  • Superior Court of Washington, Clark County, Judge Pro Tem
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