Does Your Child Need Therapy After Divorce?

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Does Your Child Need Therapy After Divorce?

Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, but it can be especially tough on children. Parenting after divorce is likely all new territory for you that will require learning how to use various tools to help your child navigate through the spectrum of feelings and emotions that come with a marital separation. If your child is showing signs of depression and anxiety or is having behavioral problems in school or at home, there may be a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.

How do you know if your child needs therapy after divorce?
If you have noticed any of these problems happening during or after your divorce, you should seek professional help from a therapist that is trained in helping children process the divorce.

-Signs of depression
-Anger or aggression
-Impulsive actions
-Unwillingness to participate in visiting parents
-Eating disorders
-Breaking rules
-Unusual changes in overall health
-Substance abuse

Also, if there was a lot of parental conflict, abuse, or violence during the marriage, or one parent was absent for significant periods of time, these are all indicators that your child may have experienced stress and trauma. In this case, you may need to talk about it to a professional.


What are the benefits of therapy?
Seeking treatment for your child is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it’s a positive thing that shows that you’re willing to ask for help when there is a problem. It will also contribute to teaching your child to take preventative steps when undergoing emotionally stressful situations. It can give you and your child the opportunity to see a different perspective on what’s happening and how you can learn skills and use tools to regain control over powerful emotions and stressful situations. If your child is resistant to going to therapy alone, see if you can go together. This will not only help you negotiate your feelings, but it will also show your child that you’re willing to support them through this, no matter what.

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