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The Vancouver attorneys of Spencer & Sundstrom PLLC focus much of their practice on family law, divorce, and criminal defense matters, while also handling general practice legal matters such as estate planning, probate, municipal and business law.

If you need legal help in any of those areas, you need to contact an experienced attorney. There are many complex laws involved when starting a business, or beginning the process of drafting a will. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, there are many state laws as well as statutes that you may not be aware of that an attorney can advise you on.

Another issue many people face is finding a general practice attorney who can help them. Evaluating a law firm before you can any action can be the biggest asset to your case.

Estate Planning

Consulting an estate planner is an important step when deciding how to divide your estate upon death. When drafting a will, an individual typically specifies the division of assets upon his or her death. Assets include property, personal items, and things or monetary value.

In addition, people will specify who will care for surviving (minor or dependent) children. This may also include a testamentary trust, which names a trustee to manage the property left to any minor children until they reach a certain age.

Other options may include establishing a living will or health care directive.

Probate Attorneys

Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of the decedent by resolving all claims and distributing the property under a valid will, and also in cases without a will. A probate interprets the instructions of the deceased, chooses the executor of the estate, and arbitrates between those with claims against the estate.

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If you need assistance with a probate, estate planning, municipal, or business matter, is important to hire experienced attorneys who understand the local and state rules and laws that govern these matters. Please visit our frequently asked legal questions page for more information regarding these areas of law.

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