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Lawsuit Help

What To Do When You Need Help With a Lawsuit

The Vancouver general practice attorneys of Spencer & Sundstrom believe it is important to seek legal help from an experienced law firm when filing or responding to a lawsuit.

Do I have a case?

This is a question our Vancouver attorneys are asked all the time. We will ask you to present the facts of your case to us, and then we will advise you if it is appropriate to commence a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is not in your best interests, we will suggest options you can pursue with our help.

Mediation is an Option

There are times when a settlement for an injury case or a divorce can be reached out of court through mediation. Our criminal defense, divorce and family law attorneys are skilled mediators. The process of mediation allows both parties to create an amicable agreement by negotiation and cooperation. Mediation also saves time, expense, stress, and preserves confidentiality by keeping your case out of court. When we meet with you, we will advise you if mediation should be attempted or litigation is in your best interests.

Legal Fees Should not Deter you from a Lawsuit

If you have been injured by the negligent act or misconduct of another individual or at your workplace or a family member has suffered a wrongful death, please call us. In many situations our fee is contingency-based. That means we do not expect a fee unless we win your case. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, or have been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault, contact us.

Other matters such as preparing a will, drafting a divorce settlement agreement, negotiating a real estate transaction, and filing for Social Security Disability benefits can be done without an attorney. In the long run doing your own legal work will harm you and open you up to a lawsuit if the work is done improperly. You will find our fees very affordable, and you will profit from our experience and knowledge in Washington laws.

Our Vancouver general practice attorneys have a well-rounded understanding of multiple areas of law. Contact Spencer & Sundstrom in Vancouver for a consultation regarding your legal matter. Call our firm at 877-574-6109 or complete our web consultation request form.

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